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VASIN Law Office was founded in Belgrade in 2013.
The Law Office is established and managed by Ph.D. Tatjana Vasin.


    Ph.D. Tatjana Vasin has more than 20 years of professional experience which she acquired working in companies such Ernst & Young (Legal Advisor) and in banks such Societe Generale Bank (Head of Legal Division), Hypo Alpe Adria Bank (Deputy Head of Support Division) and Piraeus Bank (Executive Director and Executive Board Member).

    She graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. She acquired a master degree in 1995 at the Department for International Corporate Law, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. In 2010 she acquired the academic degree Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations from the European University in Belgrade.

    Attorney at Law PhD Tatjana VASIN is an arbitrator at the Permanent Arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia as well as at the Arbitration association - Belgrade Arbitration Center (BAC).

    VASIN Law office is offering services in the field of the following areas of laws, commercial law, infrastructure, foreign investments, banking and financial law, telecommunications law, real estate law, intellectual property law, mediation and disputy resolution, labor law, tax law, and criminal law, and other fields of law.

    VASIN Law office engages top lawyers who provide clients with professional services of the highest quality.


We are coming from the world of business, so we understand business and your needs. In our work we apply that approach which results in clear, concise and direct legal advice and best professional and efficient services.


  • VASIN Law Office provides a wide range of legal advice in the field of banking and financial law. We are offering advice relating to syndicated loans, corporate and project finance, project finance for real estate development, infrastructure finance, cross border finance, public-private partnership and status issues, as well as the issues of corporate governance in the fields of banking and finance.
    We help our clients in understanding and interpreting the regulations governing banking and finance areas in the Republic of Serbia. We engage in structuring and restructuring, implementation of agreements and securitisation of our clients’ business transactions.
  • The scope of practice of VASIN Law Office also includes a broad spectrum of status and transactional activities of companies, starting from the establishment or acquisition of companies, corporate restructuring, joint venture and privatization. We have experience in doing business and can contribute to reliable and efficient resolution of complex legal issues concerning various models of acquisition of companies and joint venture.
  • To foreign investors we provide full legal support from their registration to expansion of their existing business in Serbia. Our legal services in this field covering all legal solutions from idea to full implementation of the Investment project including its subsequent "follow up".
  • We offer to our clients legal services in the field of infrastructure projects. We offer them legal solutions for infrastructure investments and provide tham with professional legal advices in the field of public - private partnership.
  • In the field of telecommunications our services include the following: establishment, purchase/sale and status changes of telecommunications companies. We represent telecommunications companies before the state and regulatory authorities for the area of telecommunications. We provide consultancy and draw up a wide range of agreements and other documents for telecommunications companies.
  • We provide all types of legal services related to development, construction, lease, management, structuring, finance, purchase and disposal of business, residential and other properties, as well as due diligence for real estate mortgage.
  • For our clients we register stamps, patents, copyrights and intellectual property rights with the Interllectural Property Office of the Republic of Serbia and provide other legal services in this area.
  • VASIN Law Office aims at preventing potential disputes and court proceedings of our clients through prior identification of legal risks in any legal transaction, as well as through creating appropriate mechanisms for prevention of their activation and mechanisms for their resolution. In agreement with clients, we negotiate in order to reach out-of-court settlement of disputes and, if it is not workable, we provide the best professional representation before all national and international courts and arbitrations.
    We have experience and technical facilities to conduct at the same time a large number of court proceedings for the needs of our clients, including the agreed monitoring and reporting.
  • We are offering a full range of services in the area of labour relations, from concluding employment agreements with top management, termination of legal and labour relatons, resolution of labour law issues with a “foreign” element, as well as resolution of labour law problems related to acquisition of companies and restructuring.
  • In cooperation with the best experts in this Region, we provide our clients with comprehensive services in the area of taxation from tax planning to adjustment of business operations with tax regulations.
  • Defence of clients in criminal, infringement, commercial and disciplinary proceedings, mediation, consultancy and all other forms of legal assistance for enforcement and protection of rights and interests of natural and legal persons.




  Address: Generala Save Grujica 1, 11040 Beograd
 Phone: +381 11 4059 748
 Phone: +381 11 4092 252


VASIN Law Office is striving to achieve results that exceed expectations of our clients through adding maximum value to their business. The Law Office handles complex and sophisticated legal issues locally and internationally. We dedicate ourself being accessible, efficient and responsive to our clients. The Office has established an innovative follow up system. Clients are informed through reports, tailored to their needs, regarding the status of cases handled by the Office. VASIN Law Office provides high quality legal services with integrity, professionalisam and respect to our clients and the community.

Yours sincerely, Dr Tatjana Vasin